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LL(I)L (Language and Literature (Integrated) Learning) is a research group of like-minded scholars who come together to channel their efforts, expertise, ideas and passions into investigating literature, language, New Technologies and their interaction in language educational contexts.
The group is made up of researchers and teachers of literature, culture, language and linguistics, whose prevailing desire is to put their knowledge and assorted research methodologies to the service of developing practical solutions for effective language and/or literature acquisition, especially, but not only, thanks to the advances in digital learning technologies.

LL(I)L areas of interest:
Literary education
Language education
Literature in language education
Language in literary education
The digital environment in language and literature education
The role of L1 in additional language(s) educational contexts
The role of extra-linguistic components in educational contexts
The role of translation in both language and literature learning
The role of literary texts in the acquisition of sociolinguistic awareness
LL(I)L outcomes:
A framework for the interaction of language and literature in educational contexts
Guidelines for the teaching of literature in language education
Guidelines for the teaching of language through literature
Best practices in the use of digital tools in literature and language education
A model for the use of non verbal language in educational contexts
Development of translation activities to enhance language and/or literary competence
Development of activities to enhance sociolinguistic awareness in terms of language variation and change

Linda Barone
Flora de Giovanni
Bruna Di Sabato

Bronwen Hughes
Angela Leonardi
Marina Lops
Monica Manzolillo
Antonio Perri
Gerardo Salvati