The Scienza Nuova Integrated Laboratory of new technologies for Social Science is structured in
seven research programs, each configured as a living lab:

1: Simula

The living lab that studies the systems for social simulations and advanced solutions for describing and visualizing data and models.

2: Explora

The living lab exploiting cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative methodologies for Social Science research and for studying the human behaviour.

3: Bacone

The living lab aiming at developing the new professional figure of the “digital humanist”, i.e., researchers operating in the field of Humanities that are able to identify and to leverage the technological innovations.

4: Ludolab

The living lab for designing toys and educational supports involving new ICT and robotics technologies as well as innovative materials.

5: Heritage 2.0

The living lab focusing on Cultural Heritage diagnostics, restoration and digitization.

6: Intrecci

In this living lab new communication media and contents are designed by means of an advanced laboratory for multimedia production and post-production.

7: Utopia

The Utopia Living Lab develops research paths based on the interaction between Technology and Law, with the aim of testing traditional legal categories in the light of new technologies, and making use of technologies in order to deploy RIA (Regulatory Impact Analysis), to verify the operation of legal reasoning, to assess learning outcomes of legal subjects teaching methods using technological instruments.