Intrecci is the living lab that deals with the cross-media production and research in the field of the new instruments of communication.
The living lab is structured primarily around the “Cross-media Production Centre” that has a set of equipment for the production, editing and post-production of audiovisual materials and radio programs of the highest quality. The center includes an area for shooting and editing and post-production, including the technological equipment for the creation of communicative products in 3D.

Among the available technologies:

  • - 4k cameras with accessory kit and lenses,
  • - video switcher for live production, streaming and recording
  • - software platforms for production and post-production of multimedia contents
  • - crane-arm system
  • - color correction software
  • - compatible storage systems
  • - Compact audio mixer with digital effects,
  • - workstation for music, production and broadcasting programming
  • - soundproof booth with directing workstation
  • - soundproof booth with speaker workstation