Data environment

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The data environment of Scienza Nuova is made by two main rooms:

1) the Interactive room, with displays of various sizes such as a video wall and other multi-touch interactive surfaces that can be used simultaneously by different users. The interactive surfaces are synchronized with a sensor system that allows to observe and record the interactions that take place within the room, both between users and technologies and between users and users. In the Interactive room there are also sensors and devices for the gesture recognition and for the activation of tactile interactions. interactive
2) The Immersive room, where, thanks to a stereoscopic reconfigurable environment, any information and scenario can be represented in three dimensions to provide an immersive and engaging experience to the users.The Immersive room leverages stereoscopic projection systems, a toroidal screen  that allows the 3D immersion, 3D glasses and other equipment to allow interaction with the immersive environment. Finally, there is also a high-precision motion-capture system, softwares for the virtual reconstruction of the movement and wearable sensors. The devices for the gesture recognition are integrable also in this room. immersive