Napoli in your hands

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Napoli in your hands

Napoli in your hands is a project developed in the Campania region of Italy addressing the issues related to the fruition of cultural heritage for people with disability in view of an inclusive society where the universal right to culture can be guaranteed to every citizen, as defined by the ONU Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities, as well as by the Italian Constitution (art. 3 and art. 9).

Napoli in your hands deals with the preparation of itineraries, open to all, allowing people with disabilities to enjoy the places of art and to know the elements that characterize the artworks through special artifacts, initiatives and infrastructural interventions designed to overcome both architectural barriers, sensorial and communication barriers as well as those arising from any other form of cultural disadvantage.

Napoli in your hands involves a network of partners created by the collaboration of the University Service for Activities of Students with Disabilities (SAAD) of the Suor Orsola Benincasa University with the National Archaeological Museum of Naples, the Campania Region Museum Polo, the Capodimonte Museum, the Deputation of the Chapel of the Treasure of San Gennaro, other cultural associations and several professional associations of persons with disabilities such as DPI (Disabled People International), the National Institution of Deaf People (Ente Nazionale Sordi) in the Campania Region ENS-Campania, the Italian Union of Blind and Visually impaired People (UICI – Unione Italiana Ciechi ed Ipovedentin) and  the Italian National Union of Volunteers pro Blind people (UNIVoC – Unione Nazionale Italiana dei Volontari pro Ciechi).

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