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Immersive arCHeological Experience with 3D-rendered Artworks

Scienza Nuova presents: project I.CH.E.Art, 3D-rendered archeological finds for a childproof museum experience!

IMG_1485There are numerous scientific studies indicating that the deepening of understanding and the growth of the knowledge passes through the tactile exploration. This is the premise to build new forms of use and enhancement of cultural heritage.

We believe that the opportunity of making tangible the experience of artistic enjoyment, through the 3D printing of environments and objects of ancient time, helps at making it more memorable. The I.CH.E.Art project (Immersive Archeological Experience with 3D-rendered Artworks) focuses on the reproduction of places of the past as interactive learning environments aimed at enhancing the knowledge of ancient civilizations through the tactile exploration and the “immersive” experience, in explicit antithesis with the intangible stories enclosed in inaccessible glass cases that we are used to see in museums.

At the Maker Faire 2016, the ICHEArt project has been presented using the archeological finds of the San Vincenzo al Volturno site, one of the most important archaeological ones in Europe for the medieval era, as the original models.

Based on the excavation findings, the Suor Orsola Benincasa University researchers reconstructed in a timely manner a tranche de vie defined “The Last Supper of the Monk”, a moment of monastic life in the instant before the Abbey of San Vincenzo was destroyed.

More info: Catalogo_I.CH.E.Art

Contact: barbara.balbi@centroscienzanuova.it